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On April 4th Amandin Publishing launched its first zine NO GUIDE TO GRIEF. The launch party was a melancholically joyful success, videos will be added shortly. The publication is now available to be bought as a handbound copy here or as an eBook from Amazon here.

NO GUIDE TO GRIEF is a collection of sixteen grieving poems by sixteen inspiring poets. There is no one proper way of grieving and it can not be learned. Every relationship, every loss is expressed in its own unique way. We open up in the hope that this publication can help others through their grief journey and make them feel less alone. We are all feeling it too and with this zine we are honouring the people we loved the most.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!


"I'm so proud of this zine, the process of making it has in itself been healing for me. I have met some wonderful poets and hope this zine can help others through their struggle."

-Leoni, editor

The poets published in this edition are Leoni Amandin, Tyffany Choi, Ross Edward, Caitríona Fitzsimons, Jenn Hepton, Debra Hill,

Rosie Horler, Maya Janjic, The Lantern Carrier, Eliska van Lelyveld, Michelle Mangal, Tempe Nell, Camila de la Parra, Cassandra Soto, Christopher Sturdy and J.W.T. Woodford.

Illustrated by Kaitlyn Jemma Pocock.

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